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Terminator:The Salvation review

this text contain spoilers and has been written by a person who is not a member of the terminator cult.

Well, Hollywood has done it again. they have created a mediocre to bad movie, comprised by very well paid actors(ie. Christian Bale) and extremely good visual effects.. and nothing more.

well, let's not think of the glass as half-empty. Let me start with what I did like in this movie.
I did like Helena Bonham Carter. because this woman is simply wonderful.
I liked Sam Worthington's character, in the sense that he created a little suspense in this boring and somewhat predictable scenario. is he a machine? isn't he a machine? is he going to suddenly turn terminator and kill everyone? isn't he?
I liked Anton Yelchin in general. the man is a quite good actor, as far as I can tell, and he is also pretty good looking.
I liked Star. she had the biggest brown eyes, and I just wanted to take her home and cuddle her.
I also liked the relationship between Kyle and Star. I liked how much he cared about her.

Now, I didn't like several things:
First and foremost was John Connor. The whole 'I am the savior of the human race, bow to me, unworthy creatures' got a tad bit old.
Another one was that while Kate seemed a very interesting and dynamic character in the third terminator movie(the only other terminator movie that I've seen), here she was just John Connor's wife, standing next to him, and not taking an extremely active part.
I didn't like how Christian Bale made his voice all..hoarse and breathy, for lack of better word. It was probably an attempt to seem more macho, but it was just annoying.
lastly, I found those 'I-want-to-say-something-impressive' lines, such as 'I'm coming for you' unoriginal, and useless. I also thought that it was pretty ridiculous, when, after an entire conversation with Marcus, John Connor suddenly had the urge to yell 'what are you?', so we could make the whole scene seem more dramatic.
I'd also like to know why the machines made themselves human-like, when they could have used much more useful shapes.

Mainly, I think that I laughed while I was watching terminator more than I do while watching comedies. It might be so because my friends and I just found it all ridiculous; the highlights of the movie were Arnold Schwarzenegger suddenly appearing to kick the shit out of Christian Bale, and Christian Bale's attempt to revive Marcus by punching him on the chest and using wires to jump start his heart. Also funny were his 'come on!' yells. And the fact that the machines NEVER DIE!!!

Thankfully, we went to a late showing of the movie, and some people around us laughed as well... And we also left fast enough to avoid whoever was such a terminator fanatic, that he wanted to find us and beat us within an inch of our lives for ruining the experience.

Now, I realize that some of you might disagree with my opinion of the movie, but please do so through constructive criticism. If you cannot do that, just know that I won't answer your comments.

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