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Today, I was writing an email to a friend of mine, with whom I haven't talked in a while, and as I was watching my brightly painted fingernails in contrast with the black writing pad of my laptop, I thought about how sad it is that laziness, lack of communication, and, most of all, pride has caused me to distance myself from so many people that could have really been there for me, as I would have been there for them. I think that that is the reason why I decided to create a livejournal account; I wanted to have someone new to talk to, someone to whom I could relate. I have stubbornly refused to create a facebook account; I have the feeling that it is too much about social networking, adding people you don't really care about-or know- as friends, and just letting them be a part of your list. So this is my goal for the rest of the year 2009: I will try to maintain whatever friendships from school are redeemable, and I will also try to make new friends-on line or off- and be a relatively good friend(which means that I won't send an email once every two months, but more often)

well, to do that, I'll actually have to look for friends out there-I've gotten a little rusty- and, in the end, I'll probably give in and create a facebook account. oh well, that's life


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